Tuesday, January 2, 2018


This magnifier will help you to see small letters.
It supports high contrast character filters especially for people with low vision.

  ① Easy to use magnifier
  ② LED lighting function
  ③ Target aiming function
  ④ Still image function
  ⑤ x2 additional zoom in function
  ⑥ Filters for low visions
     - High contrast negative black and white filter
     - High contrast negative filter
     - High contrast mono filter
     - High contrast color filter
     - Low blue filter
  ⑦ Gallery
     - Compatible with 'Magnifier & Microscope' by HANTOR
     - Mono filter
     - Negative filter
     - Sepia filter

✱ High contrast negative B/W filter

✱ High contrast negative filter

✱ High contrast B/W filter

✱ Freeze screen with filters

✱ Gallery


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